Boracay residents rescue green sea turtle with speargun arrow in body

Published June 21, 2019 8:41 am 
Source: GMA News

Boracay Island residents have rescued a young green sea turtle with a speargun arrow sticking out from above its left hind leg.

Residents suspect that the arrow has pierced deep into the turtle’s body, possibly cutting into its internal organs.

Streak of blood oozes from the gash every time the turtle breathes, rescuers said. The speargun arrow has already been removed from the turtle’s body.

Photo courtesy by Haron Deo Vargas

The young, wounded turtle is now under the care of non-government organization.

Boracay marine biologist Haron Deo Vargas said the turtle is very weak, and that the organization is doing every thing they can to save the animal.

Also Vargas said green sea turtle is already endangered. —LBG, GMA News